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Espresso coffee machine compactly built with bright stainless steel body. Automatic dosage of the coffee quantity. Electronic programmable pre – infusion function. Water pressure gauge. Built in grinder with seven adjustable positions. Wide stainless steel cups warmer. Electronic Domus Bar: the professional choice for the espresso and cappuccino. The one cup filter 8 gr of milled coffee is arranged for standard pods ESE use.

The main cable is equipped of a plug to a connector for an easier connection. The special Turbo Cappuccino, thanks to the turbine effect, enables warm and frothy milk, as well as tea and some other hot drinks to be obtained easily. New and ergonomic handle of the filter holder realized in rough material , anti – slip and embellished by a chromed cap. Two buttons to select 1 and 2 cups coffee. One button to select hot water. One button to program doses and to select coffee in semi automatically way

Kafijas automāts

15,00 €Preis
inkl. MwSt.

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